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Bulletin: 2021 holiday greetings

The world has been the scene of repeated political and/or philosophical confrontations: the fundamental rights of individuals are constantly being called into question. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, freedom of movement, freedom of association: all these freedoms, which together constitute THE Freedom, have been attacked almost everywhere in the world. In our "old Europe", abominable crimes have been committed in the name of political or religious extremism. There is still a long way to go to eradicate these intolerant or fanatical practices!

The European Institutions are today debating the question of the future of Europe and calling on representatives of all social groups to define what we want for our common future. The debate set up under Article 17 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union with the representatives of philosophical, religious and other currents of thought is today focusing on "the European way of life".

The European Masonic Alliance is of course taking part in this debate, and intends that the voice of the Freemasons, of the non-dogmatic Obediences that make it up, should be known, respected and taken into consideration in this debate, in the same way as that of any other philosophical opinion. Our humanist values must be at the heart of this discussion, for the construction of a secular Europe, respectful of the convictions of each citizen, a Europe based on the Equality of citizens, on the Freedom of citizens, on Fraternity among all citizens.

We consider that beyond the local or national particularities, linked to the History of the countries and nations making up political Europe, linked to the local cultures and traditions of these countries or nations, this "European way of life" can only be considered as based on the philosophical heritage of the Enlightenment and the most demanding Humanism. Including respect for environmental issues: we, as citizens, are an integral part of these challenges.

By giving absolute priority to the pre-recognized values and individual liberties that the supranational European institutions must guarantee, the construction of a Europe that is not federal but civic will be the unifying project that will restore confidence to individuals, and will keep them away from the temptation to withdraw into themselves and from the populism that is a divisive factor.

The economic interests that have prevailed until now have presided over the construction of a large market, the free exchange of goods and services, and not over the development of a European nation, a shared citizenship: nevertheless, the attachment to this idea of European citizenship remains strong, especially among the youngest members of society.

This is the wish for the future that the European Masonic Alliance forms for the entire population, beyond any political affiliation or philosophical conviction of European citizens. May the coming year bring Freedom, Equality and Fraternity to all. In a renewed citizen project, bringing union, hope and modernity.

The President of the E.M.A.